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Canine Widsom - The Cartoon Book for Dog Lovers

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Nancy Yeamans - Canine and Comedy Fan!

Nancy Yeamans has been a dog lover since she was 2 years old. She currently lives happily with Sweetie and Dazee Mae.

Nancy wears several hats. By day, she is “Dr. Nancy”, a psychologist in private practice In the Phoenix area. Dogs are welcome in her practice and clients often bring their canine friends to the office.

Nancy with dogs - Dazee Mae and Sweetie

Nancy doing stand-up

“Dogs are not our whole life,
but they make our life whole.”

     --Roger Caras

In the evening and weekends, Dr. Nancy writes and performs stand-up comedy. She has appeared at numerous comedy clubs, galas, Doggie Happy Hours, corporate meetings and fundraiser events.

Nancy is also a board member of Gabriel's Angels, a non-profit organization that provides pet therapy to abused and at-risk youth. The annual beach party features doggie beachwear and limbo contests.

“Get Ready for
Doggie Limbo!”

Nancy is the M.C.

“Keep in me!

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