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Canine Widsom - The Cartoon Book for Dog Lovers

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ISBN# 0-9647636-0-5

There's a lot to be learned from our canine friends.that's the playful message in Canine Wisdom. This upbeat 64 page cartoon book offers pearls of wisdom about life - from a dog's perspective! The messages are heart-warming and give a dog's eye view of love, trust, patience, self-esteem, success, and the pure joy of living.

The whimsical cartoons will bring a smile or a chuckle to dog lovers of all ages!

Makes a great gift!

Canine Wisdom is the perfect "New Puppy" gift or a Happy Birthday surprise for dog lovers. Delight your family and friends with a copy.

See the value in Everything.

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Fun to read!

Canine Wisdom is a product of LaffPath Press



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